VirtualReader 2.1.2

VirtualReader will read or convert any text into natural human voice.

VirtualReader will read or convert any text into natural human voice.

VirtualReader is an advanced text to speech software that converts any text into spoken words.It lets you listen to text instead of reading it on screen.Just one click you can make your computer speak any text in a clear,natural sounding human voice.

Some features that VirtualReader has are:

1.You can select speaker voice,speed and volume at main window.

2.VirtualReader can read your text files for you. Just click open a text file.

3.You can drag and drop a text file into the main window of VirtualReader to

automatically open it.

4.VirtualReader also can read only selected texts.Click Read selected text under Speech tab.

5.VirtualReader has Save as WAV which easily convert text to sound files(.wav).Just click Save as Wav under File tab.

6.VirtualReader can read the time, date, and also can read what's in clipboard.Just click Tools tab.

7.And many more features.

It offers some natural human voices and also you can change the rate and volume to be as most as an human voice.

It is very easy to use. As long as the software is running, just write something or paste text, and your computer will start reading the text.

You can choose to copy and paste text to the reading area of the software.The software also allows you to convert text into an WAV audio file, so you can listen later or burn it into a CD.

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VirtualReader 2.1.2

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